Legislation Tracker

Easy, reliable, real-time tracking of your legislative information.

Legislation Tracker gathers data from state legislative feeds during each year's session and allows users to search, track, prioritize, email and attach additional information to bills. As bills change during the session, they are updated real time in Legislation Tracker. Users can choose to be notified about various changes throughout the session. Finally, Legislation tracker provides report generation for various user and bill information. These features are discussed in depth below in the features section.

Hierarchy based users

Clients can set up a hierarchy of users. For instance, a company may want to assign their clients among their employees. An administrator user can assign the clients to each employee. When an employee logs in, they only see the clients assigned to them. If given the proper permissions, the employee can then assign bills to their clients as well as other actions.

Group and Fine Grained Role Permissions

Almost all features can be controlled via roles. Users that require specific access can be assigned roles or role groups. A role group is simply a list of roles. If a user does not possess a role, the feature enabled by the role will be hidden from the user. For example, if a user does not have the Email role, the section will not be displayed/accessible to the user.

Bill Search/Watch

Session bills can be quickly and easily searched. Search by bill title, purpose, text, number, type, filed date and session year. Bill search results can be selected and assigned to available users for tracking.

Bill Priority

Bills in users' watch lists can be assigned a priority. Priorities can be customized to fit client needs. Once bills have been prioritized they can be sorted on priority.


Users with proper permissions can create announcements that are displayed to users on login. Announcements can be visible to all or a select list of users. Links, resources and bills can be included in the announcement body.

Upcoming Public Hearings

Users with this feature will see a list of upcoming public hearings for all bills in their watch list.


Add rich text comment to any bill in the system. Comments can be visible to all users watching the bill, or a select list of users. The body of comments can also include links and resources.


Bills change throughout the legislative session in various ways. Users can create notifications that will send them and email or create and announcement when any bills in their watch list have changed in the desired way. For instance, a user may want to be notified when any bill in their watch list has been signed by the governor.


A user can upload files to their account for use in the system. Once uploaded, a user can attach resources to emails, insert into comments and attach them to announcements. Uploaded resources can also be made public to all or shared to a specific list of users.


Legislation Tracker provides an email section which allows users to send emails directly from the system. A dynamically created contact selection system is provided with all available user's as well as legislation member's and committee's email addresses.

Currently, only the state of Connecticut's legislative information is available. Support for additional states is in the works and coming soon!

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